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These are my first pair of vegan high ankle flat 🌱 shoes . I then started to wonder what types of vegan leather as out there. Do you know all of the vegan 🌱 types of leather? if not enjoy below…..

A vegan lifestyle is becoming really popular, due to the concerns over both animal welfare and climate change.

A lot of vegans, on top of not eating any animal products, also do not wear any clothing from an animal. Leather, made from animal is not a vegan. Some non-vegans also don’t use leather, because of the to chemicals used in tanning and dyeing.

Leather made of Paper:

Yes, that’s right, paper. Speciality papers like washi from Japan is a paper made from the bark of the Kozo tree, often used in handbags. The Kozo is a fast-growing and relatively sustainable tree, and washi can be both soft and flexible. It can also be laminated to make it waterproof.

Polyurethane treated fabric

The most popular fake leather is to apply a polyurethane coating to a base material such as polyester, nylon or cotton. The newly laminated surface can be treated, usually by running a textured roller over it, to emulate the grain of animal leather. It’s a Good quality flexible and durable, and it is inexpensive to make.

Leather made from Rubber

Synthetic rubber is made from petroleum products and the manufacture of both synthetic and natural rubber requires the use of chemicals. However, some recycled rubber, such as old inner tubes, can be used to make products like bags and luggage. Recycling rubber prevents it from clogging up landfills, and the material is very durable and naturally water-resistant.

Leather made from rocks (Sewable Slate)

This leather is ultra-flexible, weather-resistant and can be cut and sewn like cloth. Over time, the slate becomes naturally worn to give the impression of aged leather. It is expensive to make, so is best used for items like bags, belts and luggage.

leather made from plant

Muskin, Mylo (from mushroom 🍄) Piñatex (made from pineapple 🍍) Orange 🍊 peels, banana 🍌 skins, apples 🍎 , soy, coconut 🥥 and even coffee ☕️ grounds have also been turned into leathers.

Pleather is a leather made from plants , the advantage is that they completely decompose and in most cases without leaving any chemicals or plastic microbeads behind. And due to the difficulty of working with this material, it can’t be use for However, most of the plant leathers are large quantities and can be expensive to produce.

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