Luxtra, I am so proud of this vegan 🌱brand

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you today a new brand that I discovered not too long ago and I am a massive fan!!

LUXTRA is building an exciting global fashion brand focused on timeless design, sustainability and ethical core values. The brand uses innovative and cruelty-free materials to craft beautiful products that are handmade in Italy.

Founder Jessica Kruger comes from a barefooted, nature-filled childhood in Sydney and over the past decade has lived across Europe. She has crafted LUXTRA to be the brand she needs for her everyday: ever-ready for travel, functional, environmentally forward thinking, and above all… chic.
With LUXTRA, Jessica hopes to lead positive change within the fashion industry by showing what can be done with the most cutting-edge eco materials on the market. She is determined in the belief that doing business responsibly is the only way to do business.


LUXTRA is proud to be amongst the first brands working with the most innovative and sustainable materials on the market.

We use Piñatex®, an innovative non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibres, and ‘Frumat‘, a bio-based leather alternative made partly from apples. 

We always have a keen eye out for the latest sustainable textiles coming to market and so are currently working with Hugo and Coen, founders of Fruit Leather Rotterdam, to develop new products using their innovative materials, which are made almost entirely from discarded fruit. 

Alas, many cutting-edge materials are still in their infancy and therefore not yet available to businesses like LUXTRA. By 2021 we hope to start working with textiles from Mango Materials in the US – who produce fully biodegradable bio-polyester fibres – and many other companies like them. 

By championing the use of cutting-edge vegan and highly sustainable materials, and making them in to seriously beautiful pieces, we hope to inspire the greater fashion industry to reassess the materials currently used.


Luxtra is a cruelty-free brand and has been confirmed by PETA: the gold standard standard in all things vegan. 


Every LUXTRA item is made by Cristian SRL in Pontassieve, a pretty town just outside Florence in Italy.


There tissue paper, cards and envelopes are all made from recycled and recyclable paper. They are delighted to have eliminated the plastic normally used when shipping products from Italy to the UK, and they will never use plastic when they deliver customer orders. Even their packing tape is recycled and recyclable! 

To prolong its life, each LUXTRA handbag and backpack comes with a GOTS certified organic cotton dust bag. 



The LUXTRA studio has switched to 100% accredited renewable energy. As a result, they are reducing their carbon footprint by around 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per year… the equivalent of planting 1,770 trees.


LUXTRA is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an environmental foundation created by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. As a member, they happily pledge to donate 1% of our total sales to an environmental cause. 

LUXTRA constantly seeks to improve its environmental and social impact whilst creating items of beauty and exceptional quality


Timeless bags and small accessories that are better for the planet. 
Made in Italy from cutting edge vegan and sustainable materials.

Have you heard about this brand?

Go check them out:

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