My first vegan handbag

Part of my new challenge is to understand that fashion can be sometime cruel and isn’t the best for the planet all the time. But as a fashion addict since many years on my journey to become a better version of me, I have decided to swap my beautiful Michael Kors backpack for the beautiful and versatile Ferron’ cross-bag. Wearing real leather doesn’t match with the new me so here we go, I am discovering new things…

Ania is the creator of Ferron and she started out in 2018/19, with a mission to start a business that allows her to be creative. She wants her creation to be sustainable and animal cruelty- free as a way of living without compromising on quality. 

As avid animal lover, after realising there wasn’t a fashion brand that offered moderately priced, quality handbags that were animal-friendly AND learning about the devastating impact the fashion industry has on animals and the environment, she decided to invest in cruelty-free handbags made of the same quality you’d expect from European luxury brands, FERRON.

FERRON means “iron-grey hair, or one who is habitually dressed in grey”. 

The iconic elephant logo is not only an expression of her love for animals but also a statement against cruelty in fashion.

Materials: Polyurethane (PU) and Microfiber that provide the luxury feel of real leather without harming a single animal. The exterior of the bag is structured, yet perfectly imitates the soft feel of pebbled leather that you would expect from a luxury leather bag. The lining is made out of microfiber, which is durable, yet smooth to the touch.

Price: This beauty cost only £175,00

Colour: Available in Black and Marine


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