Few things that I have learned this past year is that life can be short!! so here are my few tips to enjoy it as much as possible 🙂 Happiness has also been linked to better decision-making and improved creativity. So, rather than success being the key to happiness, research shows that happiness could in fact be the key to success.

1 – It starts with you!!

Happiness often comes from within. All humans have a tendency to ruminate more on bad experiences than positive ones. So make sure you are over-learning from the dangerous or hurtful situations we encounter through life (bullying, trauma, betrayal).

2- Be your friend!

Just as important as it is to be kind to others, it’s equally important to practice kindness towards yourself. This is the power of acceptance and growth. Being kind to yourself promotes happiness and confidence, how you treat yourself sets the tone for how others will treat you.

3- Take a deep breath

Deep breaths are more efficient: they allow your body to fully exchange incoming oxygen with outgoing carbon dioxide. They have also been shown to slow the heartbeat, lower or stabilize blood pressure and lower stress. To experience deep breathing, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

4- Laughter is good for your health

When you start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body. Laughter can: Stimulate many organs. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.

5- Good Mood foods

If you are presently piling plenty of colourful plants on your plate, you are already at a better mood advantage. Research tells us that plant-based diets are associated with healthier mood states. The more fruits and vegetables people eat, the happier, less depressed, and more satisfied they are with their lives.

6- Surround yourself with positivity

Positivity and happiness is contagious., the most successful people are those who have a happy, healthy and positive approach to life., they’ll inspire you – and you’ll inspire them right back. …Being good is good for the soul. …

7- Be kind

Helping others feels good. Studies have found that acts of kindness are linked to increased feelings of wellbeing. It helps keep things in perspective and It helps to make the world a happier place – one act of kindness can often lead to more!

8 – Workout

When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid — these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety and stress and even less physical pain.

I know it’s easy to say, but what about trying to be happier?? happiness is like a muscle more you train it stronger it becomes !!!

Firstly what is Cannabinoids?

Better known as CBD, it is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, and causes the sensation of getting “high” that’s often associated with marijuana.

Does CBD will get you high?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, a type of natural compound found in cannabis and hemp. … CBD doesn’t cause a high like THC. CBD does have some positive health benefits. If you‘re seeking out CBD as a means to get high, you won’t experience that.

What are the positive health benefits??

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress disorder, are the most common mental health disorder worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). For those living with anxiety, finding a safe method for managing symptoms is a critical concern.

Enter cannabidiol, better known as CBD. CBD has recently captured the spotlight as an alternative or complementary treatment for anxiety.


A common cause of insomnia is anxiety and stress. CBD helps to regulate cortisol, a stress hormone, which has a significant impact on non-REM sleep cycles. A large case series review found that CBD is beneficial for anxiety-related disorders and an increase in sleep quality.

Pain relief

CBD can effectively manage pain, without causing any kind of adverse or undesirable side effects. In fact, it is more so when compared to most prescription drugs.

Hair and skin

CBD not only helps suppress inflammation in the body, which can promote a healthier environment for hair to grow on the scalp, but is also suspected to reach sebaceous glands—which secrete oil (a.k.a. sebum) to lubricate hair—in hair follicles where it can provide therapeutic benefits.

Benefits to skin also include powerful antioxidants, improved sleep, and anti-inflammatory agents that can help treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as reduce acne. “CBD oil is a great option for all skin types,” if you have skin problem Dairy might be the first reason!

Might help you with weight management

CBD oil is an increasingly popular cannabis product that is often marketed for weight loss. However, current research does not show a clear effect on weight. Though some studies indicate that CBD may boost metabolism while reducing body fat and appetite, others show an increase in appetite.

CBD for animals

CBD won’t get your pet “high”.Unlike THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, CBD is completely non psychoactive and safe to be used on pets. … In fact, the CBDfound in cannabis pet supplements is usually sourced from hemp, a variety of cannabis that naturally contains extremely low concentrations of THC.

I personally had problems to sleep since forever and now that I am taking CBD it takes me maximum 30 mins to fall asleep, my skin is glowing and my pain due to workouts are nearly non existent, I definitely find my alternative recipe to an healthy and happy life!!


WHAT IS IT? Unlike normal toothpaste, vegan toothpaste is only made from the finest natural ingredients and doesn’t include any animal by-products. … Also known as cruelty free, these toothpastes contains nothing but natural and organic ingredients that still leave your teeth clean and shiny without the bad chemicals.

WHY SHOULD WE USE IT? helping the environment is not the only reason why we should use organic items. Studies indicate that individuals who primarily use all natural products have fewer food allergies or rashes and are healthier than those who are not.


Do you also know…

Essential oils like mint or menthol provides an antibacterial effect that promote greater dental hygiene.

We often worry that organic products don’t work as well as mainstream ones. The fact is, in many cases the opposite is true. For example, the wonderful natural ingredients found in organic toothpaste can freshen the breath and keep it that way for hours.


I have been trying Himalaya botanique is a manufacturer of vegan 🌱 toothpaste, since I found out I am a big fan as they are:


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From http://www.noah-shop.com

These are my first pair of vegan high ankle flat 🌱 shoes . I then started to wonder what types of vegan leather as out there. Do you know all of the vegan 🌱 types of leather? if not enjoy below…..

A vegan lifestyle is becoming really popular, due to the concerns over both animal welfare and climate change.

A lot of vegans, on top of not eating any animal products, also do not wear any clothing from an animal. Leather, made from animal is not a vegan. Some non-vegans also don’t use leather, because of the to chemicals used in tanning and dyeing.

Leather made of Paper:

Yes, that’s right, paper. Speciality papers like washi from Japan is a paper made from the bark of the Kozo tree, often used in handbags. The Kozo is a fast-growing and relatively sustainable tree, and washi can be both soft and flexible. It can also be laminated to make it waterproof.

Polyurethane treated fabric

The most popular fake leather is to apply a polyurethane coating to a base material such as polyester, nylon or cotton. The newly laminated surface can be treated, usually by running a textured roller over it, to emulate the grain of animal leather. It’s a Good quality flexible and durable, and it is inexpensive to make.

Leather made from Rubber

Synthetic rubber is made from petroleum products and the manufacture of both synthetic and natural rubber requires the use of chemicals. However, some recycled rubber, such as old inner tubes, can be used to make products like bags and luggage. Recycling rubber prevents it from clogging up landfills, and the material is very durable and naturally water-resistant.

Leather made from rocks (Sewable Slate)

This leather is ultra-flexible, weather-resistant and can be cut and sewn like cloth. Over time, the slate becomes naturally worn to give the impression of aged leather. It is expensive to make, so is best used for items like bags, belts and luggage.

leather made from plant

Muskin, Mylo (from mushroom 🍄) Piñatex (made from pineapple 🍍) Orange 🍊 peels, banana 🍌 skins, apples 🍎 , soy, coconut 🥥 and even coffee ☕️ grounds have also been turned into leathers.

Pleather is a leather made from plants , the advantage is that they completely decompose and in most cases without leaving any chemicals or plastic microbeads behind. And due to the difficulty of working with this material, it can’t be use for However, most of the plant leathers are large quantities and can be expensive to produce.

What is ethical fashion?

Firstly what is it?

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion, including design, production, retail, and purchasing. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare.

Ethical fashion
is important, because it is our social and environmental responsibility and if we don’t act now, it may be too late in the future. … Ethical fashion means that there should be clear standards and ethical norms in the garment manufacturing process. It means transparency, security, trust.

I am 100% concerned by this matter as a fashion addict. Finding the appropriate outfit made in a ethical way is just a nightmare and sometimes impossible but why? Why should we compromise our style or play for overpriced items because we want to do good to our planet 🪐? Obviously the companies understand that it’s becoming a business, which is true but not only “la crème de la crème” wants to do some good, middle class people can also be ethical, what I mean by that is why is it so expensive all the time? I unfortunately believe that too many companies are surfing on the wave of the ethicality!

That being said I will share with you few links for a full day wearing ethical fashion at a reasonable price (fitness mood):

Underwear: https://organicbasics.com/

Activewear: https://www.sundried.com/

Shoes and Bags: http://www.noah-shop.com

Don’t you think that thinking of what the way you are acting will help us feeling better about you life? Thinking quality instead of quantity?

Positive thinking will bring positivity in your life, and karma is a bitch … think about it …


What do we know about hemp?

Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. It is one of the fastest growing plants and was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber 10,000 years ago.

Hemp is used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel.


Go check them out : https://hemptailor.com/

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I own the ladies drawstring parka and I love it. The material is really comfortable to wear and super warm, a must for our winter wardrobe.

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you today a new brand that I discovered not too long ago and I am a massive fan!!

LUXTRA is building an exciting global fashion brand focused on timeless design, sustainability and ethical core values. The brand uses innovative and cruelty-free materials to craft beautiful products that are handmade in Italy.

Founder Jessica Kruger comes from a barefooted, nature-filled childhood in Sydney and over the past decade has lived across Europe. She has crafted LUXTRA to be the brand she needs for her everyday: ever-ready for travel, functional, environmentally forward thinking, and above all… chic.
With LUXTRA, Jessica hopes to lead positive change within the fashion industry by showing what can be done with the most cutting-edge eco materials on the market. She is determined in the belief that doing business responsibly is the only way to do business.


LUXTRA is proud to be amongst the first brands working with the most innovative and sustainable materials on the market.

We use Piñatex®, an innovative non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibres, and ‘Frumat‘, a bio-based leather alternative made partly from apples. 

We always have a keen eye out for the latest sustainable textiles coming to market and so are currently working with Hugo and Coen, founders of Fruit Leather Rotterdam, to develop new products using their innovative materials, which are made almost entirely from discarded fruit. 

Alas, many cutting-edge materials are still in their infancy and therefore not yet available to businesses like LUXTRA. By 2021 we hope to start working with textiles from Mango Materials in the US – who produce fully biodegradable bio-polyester fibres – and many other companies like them. 

By championing the use of cutting-edge vegan and highly sustainable materials, and making them in to seriously beautiful pieces, we hope to inspire the greater fashion industry to reassess the materials currently used.


Luxtra is a cruelty-free brand and has been confirmed by PETA: the gold standard standard in all things vegan. 


Every LUXTRA item is made by Cristian SRL in Pontassieve, a pretty town just outside Florence in Italy.


There tissue paper, cards and envelopes are all made from recycled and recyclable paper. They are delighted to have eliminated the plastic normally used when shipping products from Italy to the UK, and they will never use plastic when they deliver customer orders. Even their packing tape is recycled and recyclable! 

To prolong its life, each LUXTRA handbag and backpack comes with a GOTS certified organic cotton dust bag. 



The LUXTRA studio has switched to 100% accredited renewable energy. As a result, they are reducing their carbon footprint by around 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per year… the equivalent of planting 1,770 trees.


LUXTRA is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an environmental foundation created by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. As a member, they happily pledge to donate 1% of our total sales to an environmental cause. 

LUXTRA constantly seeks to improve its environmental and social impact whilst creating items of beauty and exceptional quality


Timeless bags and small accessories that are better for the planet. 
Made in Italy from cutting edge vegan and sustainable materials.

Have you heard about this brand?

Go check them out: https://luxtralondon.com/collections/the-collection?page=3

What is it?

Sustainable products are those that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw material until their final disposal. That sounds expensive.

Why is it important to buy sustainable products?

1)  Influence Manufacturers to Make More Sustainable Products

2)  Protect and Conserve Natural Resources

3) Make Your Home a Healthier Place

4) Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

5) Set a Great Example “monkey see monkey 🐒 do”

Few tips to me more sustainable

To be clear Environmental sustainability doesn’t mean living without luxuries but rather being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste.

1)Reduce household energy use.

2)Eat locally.

3)Dispose with disposables. When you make a purchase, consider the item’s life expectancy.

4) Plant seeds.Try growing your own food. 

5)Recycle as much as possible.

6)Items that you no longer need can get an extended life through resale and donation. 

7)Drink from the tap and use your https://black-blum.com/collections/water-bottles

8)An easy way to live more sustainably is to conserve household water use. 

9) Rely less on your car.

10)Purchase fair-trade products.

Your body will thank you for it!!

If you choose sustainably-grown and minimally processed food like legumes, whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables, you may find your total cholesterol levels decrease as a result, and so could your risk of certain cancers.

Sustainable foods are better for the environment, and healthier for you and your family. Eating foods that are grown locally improves the economy in your community. 

I am using all the time my https://black-blum.com/collections/product-sets accessories I travel everywhere with them and I am happy and healthy

January is one of my favourite months of the year as it’s the one where you will put in place all of your new resolutions, I love new resolutions, I take it as an opportunity to be a new me. I will share with you a few tips that will help you to be successful this year for January veganuary 🌱

1️⃣ You must know why you want to be part of veganuary (E.g. for the animals, for your health, for the planet …) without knowing why you are doing it, you will quit when the first obstacle will show up, trust me we have all been there!!!

2️⃣ The first of January you will probably wake up with a hangover right? And hangover equal bad food choices, once again we have all been there. So to make sure to don’t fail on day one, the key will be to plan, go to the supermarket on the 31st and buy the vegan version of what you know you will crave for the next day! If you love your BLT sandwich get some vegan bacon, vegan mayonnaise (vegannaise) then your usual bread and veggies, same if you are into English breakfast, go and get some vegan sausages and everything else should be vegan!! It won’t be hard if you are organised.

3️⃣ Team up with someone to do veganuary with you, your bestie, husband, boyfriend, neighbour, you will be stronger if you are part of a team, you will be able to exchange ideas …

4️⃣ Don’t try to eat only plants as if you have a heavy processed meat diet, you will quit after 48h, don’t make your life to hard, just enjoy the process and go buy those vegan cookies, nuggets, burgers, you will see that it’s not that tasteless to be a vegan 😁 however if you eat a lot of veggies just swap your usual meat products with plant based alternatives, it’s simple as that!

5️⃣ Educate yourself via social media you can visit my instagram account https://Instagram.com/naturally_frenchy or I share information about my vegan lifestyle. But You will be able to find hundreds of Influencers and bloggers who are sharing everything you need to be successful for your veganuary in 2020

6️⃣ No pressure, it’s all about enjoying the process!! If you have one non vegan 🌱 meal, just go back on the wagon the next meal 🥘 and keep going, no one is perfect and if you know why you are doing it then I am sure that your veganuary will be successful.

I have tried Opatra Advanced Skincare Technologies and I enjoy using it 🙂 but what is it?

OPATRA DERMISONIC, is a revolutionary anti-ageing and skin-repairing device that combines four scientifically-proven treatments – galvanic technology, ultrasound stimulation, LED light therapy, and vibrating massage. Together these treatments work to rejuvenate skin by smoothing out facial wrinkles, tightening facial muscles, boosting blood circulation, and stimulating new skin cell production with one powerful, hand-held tool.


Every woman wants to display healthy, glowing skin

Any woman feels great when her facial skin is glowing, radiant and healthy, and Opatra DermiSonic devices help ensure this is a consistent reality. The Opatra DermiSonic is a professional beauty device which provides women of any age with the youthful, hydrated facial skin they desire.

Facial massage techniques help replenish and rejuvenate skin

The Opatra DermiSonic works by combining an effective ultrasonic sound wave massage with daily facial skin care products at the time of application. This unique ultrasound and vibration massage helps ensure skin products penetrate deep into the cellular levels to give the skin a plump and hydrated texture.

Opatra DermaSonic devices also help promote cell renewal and repair.  

Added benefits of great skincare from DermaSonic

Regular use of DermaSonic will cleanse toxins, increase cell metabolism and enhance the performance of any skincare products.

How it works?

Ion (galvanic current), Photon (red, blue and green lights), Ultrasound and vibration massage.
When used in combination with facial creams, DermiSonic improves product penetration at a deeper cellular level, resulting a radiant, healthy and hydrated skin complexion.

Get rid of wrinkles and fine lines with Opatra Dermisonic

Adding Opatra DermiSonic into daily skincare routines helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, while providing deep cleansing and moisturising to promote blood circulation and overall skin health.

Cut out the beauty therapies and benefit from healthy skin with Opatra Dermisonic

You won’t need to go for regular facials and treatments when you opt for the DermiSonic solution. This portable device is easy to carry and operate and suits any skin type, giving you the radiance and confidence to face the world any time, any day.

Added benefits of great skincare from Dermisonic

Regular use of DermaSonic will cleanse toxins, increase cell metabolism and enhance the performance of any skincare products. 

What are you waiting for?
Get in touch today to discover even more valuable benefits of the Opatra DermiSonic. With free delivery and a lifetime warranty, you can benefit from this high end technology for years to come.

LED Light Therapy

LED (light-emitting-diodes), as developed by NASA, is a semi-conductor light source, which releases energy to produce varying light colours. In LED light therapy, this energy-produced light penetrates light into deeper layers of the skin, which conventional light sources cannot reach.

Red LED Light: Anti Ageing

The red LED light stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which in turn can help the skin’s youthful appearance. With the application of our anti-ageing creams or serums, the red light helps penetrate then product into deeper layers of the skin, whilst also helping improve blood circulation, expression lines and regenerating cell connections.

Blue LED Light: Anti-Blemish

Blue LED light targets bacterial sources, which resides underneath the skin’s surface and contributes to the causes of acne. The light assists in the development of oxygen radicals, which help destroy this bacteria, without causing harm to healthy skin.

Green LED Light: Even-Tone

Green LED light helps reduce pigmentation, cooling the skin, soothing the skin, improves epidermal hyper pigmentation, will help evening skin tone, and helps with redness.

Key Benefits

• Cleansing the skin at a deep cellular level
• Tightening and eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Aiming to reducing fat, shape slim face contour
• Targeting skin spots and dark circles around the eye area
• Promoting blood circulation and skin metabolism
• Cleanse away toxins
• DermiSonic is convenient to use, enabling you to care for you skin at home.
• Easy to carry and operate | suitable for all skin types.

Your DermiSonic Device includes

• Your DermiSonic Device fully charged
• Pair of glasses ( to protect the eyes from the LED light)
• Power adapter for the machine
• Cotton pads
• Owners manual 

You can buy it here for only £895,00 https://opatra.com/products/dermisonic?variant=29555335168115#dermisonic

To summarise your skin deserve the best and has no price!!